Where will my session take place and what happens if the weather forecast looks bad?

I shoot at a location of your choice within 15 miles of Wilmington, N.C. There are so many places to choose from around Wilmington. The beach, a park, downtown, or some choose the comforts of their own home. Dogs usually like the beach, a favorite park, or their backyard where they can play fetch, roll around in the grass, or go for a swim. For horses, I like to capture them under saddle with their owners first and afterward in their paddock enjoying a trot, roll, or a good buck. Cats tend to enjoy the comforts of home more, basking in their favorite window, lounging in a favorite chair or chasing their favorite toy. Keep in mind, background is very important and adds more impact to your pets photo. 

If the forecast looks bad I will keep a close eye on the weather and keep you posted with any updates. Should we run into in-climate weather, I typically will reschedule your photoshoot to another day that works for you.  

If for some reason you need to reschedule, please give us a 24 hour notice.