SONY DSC   Photo sessions take place on location and I will travel to the location of your choice. I do not shoot in a studio, I believe in a more natural environment for your pet. Dogs usually prefer their backyard, the beach, or a favorite park where they can play fetch, roll around in the grass, or go for a swim. For horses, I like to capture them under saddle with their owners first and afterward in their paddock enjoying a trot, roll, or a good buck. Cats tend to enjoy the comforts of home more, basking in their favorite window, lounging in a favorite chair or chasing their favorite toy. My experience with animals comes at an advantage for photo shoots. Whether it is a shy dog or a spooky horse I know how we can work around it.

   After the photoshoot, my job is far from done. I will spend time editing your pets photos and this process takes time. I remove leashes, remove eye boogies, & enhance the photos. It will take up to 2 weeks for your photos to be finished & uploaded on to your private online gallery.